Polishing is key

Since this week we are on feature lock. That means that we are not allowed to add any new mechanics/features. This allows us to refine every aspect of the game that we already have.


What are our main polish goals?


  1. Revamp of planets. We want the plants to look like they might be inhabited. All planets will get a new model and some vegetation. We believe that our environment is too flat at the moment and since they take up such a big part of the screen that results into a mediocre looking game.
  2. Add sound. Until now, we completely ignored any form of audio. We thought it would just be a small thing we do in the end, but after some sounds. Oh boy, sound really improves the game. It is a really good way to give player feedback. The moment a player does something a sound triggers. That makes it easier for new players to understand what their buttons actually does and what happens when. We really need to make sure that the sound does not get too overwhelming. The game can be played with up to 4 players and that results in a lot of sounds to be triggered at the same time. Finding the balance on volume, pitch and amount of sounds will still be a problem to handle.
  3. Animations. Well this one is obvious. We can’t just T-pose run our characters everywhere. Some small animations and head bobs will add a lot to the game. None of our team members have any prior experience with animations in Unity so we estimated that a full week would be spent on linking them with the code.
  4. Last but certainly not least. The `FEEL`, this is something that is hard to get right. We will improve this in multiple ways. Adding particles on the right moments (i.e. when landing on a planet).  Changing the planet physics to feel more cartoony. Adding death animations…      There are a lot of small things that we can to improve the feel of the game. We believe that adding enough of these will result in a great game.   https://gyazo.com/4c9ad6ac334830c5ad2e3b3240d0a63f?fbclid=IwAR2DCfrzWxHyNigKBvn4UAyHo34VIGHC63lN_vKUp9fErlNs7DHcRhDmzGI



These are our goals during the 2-3 weeks of polish.


Thank you for reading and kind regards,

Group 15


PewPewPanetheonPolishBuild1.rar 24 MB
May 15, 2019
PewPewPantheonBuild_15_05_19.zip 30 MB
May 15, 2019

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