Production week 5

Production comes to an end.

Pew Pew Pantheon has reached the final stage of development, which means a lot of polish! There may be some small tweaks and changes to the existing features, but nothing fundamentally new will be added from here on. 

That being said, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, for example, the color palette still needs some work to ensure that the playfield has as much visual variation as possible while not beeing to confusing or irritating to look at. Also the gravity visualisation needs some reworking.

We've spiced up the particles a bit though, with big new explosions and rocket trails the game feels much more alive.

Also, for the first time, Pew Pew Pantheon comes with a start menu! Like the rest of the game the start menu is also a bit unpolished when it comes to colors and graphics, but that's exactly why we have an entire sprint just for polishing ahead of us!

As for the contents of last sprint, everything got implemented just like planned. There are meteors randomly spawning now that mix up the battles by knocking around nearby planets and leaving behind a pickup, which gives the player who's lucky enough to catch it a short powertrip during which he can fire rockets at a scary fast rate. He needs to be careful though, with so many rockets flying around it's easy to loose track of one or two and end up hitting yourself in the back.
The last gameplay functionality that is not implemented yet is a shield that makes players completely immune from dying for a short period of time. just like the rapid firing it will be obtained by picking up what the meteor leaves behind.

For the future, we're planning to overhaul the visual looks of the game, with new UI icons, less cancerous colors and an intergalactical background scenery  

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