Prototyping Week One

Game summary: 

Planet based mayhem themed by mythologies. players can jump from planet to planet and shoot each other.
Main mechanic: wonky gravity combined with fast paced combat. 

Questions we asked?

1) Does the camera angle work? 
2) Is the core mechanic fun to play?
3) How would the player movement work? 
4) How would we implement maximum art detail and possibilities without interfering with the player movement?

What worked or didn't work? 

- The angle of the camera works fine. The combination of 3D environment with 2D placements is good.
- The movement mechanic is tackled and should be playable. 
- We'll leave the decision to the player what type of controls he'd like to use, giving them two options. Move towards the point of the planet that mimics the direction of your controller, or actually moving around the planet Left and Right. 

Which kind of problems did we run into? 

-The only down side is that due to the perspective of the camera, it obscures the player mesh on the sides of the screen.
- Prototyping did not get to the shooting part due to issues with perforce
- Attaching players to planets, If the player was near another planet, it would move to the closest planet. Even if it was already on one. 
- When the player is using the Left and Right movement method. Once the player is at the bottom of the planet. It's going in the wrong direction. 

What will happen in the next weeks? 

- Implementing multiplayer
- shooting functionality
- Planet movement based on player input (shooting),
- fix camera FOV

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Feb 27, 2019

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